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Why aluminium windows & doors?

Natasha Bobic – Friday, March 15, 2019

Aluminium is the 3rd most abundant element on the face of the earth, and is theĀ 2nd most used metal in construction!

There are a range of reasons why it’s such a popular building material, and in addition to aluminium windows and doors, aluminium is also used for roofing, walling, fittings, cladding, and entire pre-fabricated structures.

Benefits of Aluminium:

Strength & weight properties
Aluminium has a very high strength to weight ratio, meaning it is lightweight yet with great physical strength. This characteristic is particularly useful for aluminium windows & doors, where the window/door is light enough to be opened and closed with ease, while maintaining a high level of strength. Aluminium is also praised for retaining its high strength properties at low temperatures, when other materials such as steel have the potential to become brittle and less reliable.

Corrosion resistant
Unlike iron, aluminium does not need treating does not need treating in order to be corrosion resistant. While iron has to go through the process of being made into stainless steel, aluminium has corrosion resistant properties in its pure form, perfect for constructing windows and doors.

Immune to UV
Aluminium is naturally resistant to UV damage, meaning it can be used for purposes where other materials (such as timber or plastic) would require treatment (often regular treatment) in order to withstand potential sun damage.

Unlike building materials such as timber, clay, as well as certain plastics, aluminium can be both made from recycled materials, as well as potentially recycled in the future should it no longer be needed in that form.

Fire safety
Aluminium is a fire-safe building material, which unlike materials such as plastic and timber is non-flammable.

Aluminium can be drilled, sanded, painted, anodized, as well as melted, bent, and molded. As a building material, it possesses fantastic characteristics, making it the perfect material for windows and doors.