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Sydney’s Strongest Sound Barrier Windows

Do you live in an area that requires sound barrier windows? Our aluminium sound barrier windows are a secondary glazing behind the primary window to provide impressive soundproofing. They are ideal for those living under flight paths, near busy roads, or in noisy industrial areas.

 Sound barrier windows make a remarkable difference to noise levels in your home or workplace and provide you with the peace & quiet you desire. No more noisy gardeners or loud neighbours to disturb your space. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is the amount of noise reduced by a sound barrier window. If the levels outside are 60dB and inside it is 30dB, then the window is said to have a rating of 30 dB of STC. Remember that only a change in 10dB is heard, having only half of the original sound.

In addition, sound barrier windows help with insulating your space. Heat is better insulated by the secondary glazing layer. This is a great ancillary feature that many homeowners overlook. We have many options for these windows. Talk to us about colour and glass options today.

B&W Windows and Doors are the best sound barrier window manufacturers in Sydney. Our aluminium sound barrier windows are made-to-measure to increase your comfort and property value. All sound barrier windows are carefully manufactured in our facility to your personal needs.

Hand crafted, these windows are designed to provide maximum soundproofing and heat insulation. No matter how good the window is at keeping out noise out, if it is not properly installed, noise will still penetrate the home. We ensure that all air gaps are sealed to guarantee that the sound barrier window is performing as intended.

Advantages of Sound Barrier Windows

  • The biggest advantage to using sound barrier windows is that they reduce and even eliminate unwanted external sounds.
  • They are also excellent for heat insulation and controlling temperatures.
  • Plus, with B&W Windows and Doors, our sound barrier window is installed as a secondary to your existing window, meaning no costly replacements.

Disadvantages of Sound Barrier Windows

There are very few disadvantages to sound barrier windows. So, call our team for a quote, and to discuss our installation process today.


  • Secondary Glazing – fitted behind a primary window for 30% sound reduction
  • Multi Sliding Sashes
  • 48mm Framing
  • Glass available up to 10.38mm
  • Colours – All powder coated colours are available in the Interpon and Dulux range
  • Maximum Sizing – Height 2100mm / Width 2100mm
  • Configuration
    • SS
    • SSS
  • Sashes can be easily removed for convenient cleaning

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