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Sydney’s Aluminium Sliding Door Experts

Sliding doors open horizontally and are held up by wheels or suspended on a track, unlike standard doors, which are suspended on hinges and open by turning. Aluminium sliding doors are commonly used for bathrooms and for external doors made of glass. They typically consist of one fixed glass panel, and a moving panel that slides left and right to open and close the door. This means there are no protruding elements in the design. Sliding doors are perfect for confined spaces, small rooms, balcony areas, and courtyards. They save space, allow natural light and breeze into your home, and can create an open and spacious appearance.

Invite nature inside by adding a sliding door out to your patio, terrace, or backyard. In addition, their quality construction will ensure no structural changes when temperature and humidity are subject to change. Sliding aluminium doors are currently popular in modern homes because they showcase an attractive design that smoothly glides horizontally.

Our sliding doors are manufactured locally in our Sydney facility. We take pride in allowing you to connect external spaces to your interior spaces. Our sliding doors are designed to maximise the amount of light and ventilation for your space. Look at our options for these aluminium sliding doors and browse our gallery.

View our 1000 Series and Heavy Duty EFS varieties, and call our experts for a quote.

Advantages of Sliding Doors

  • Aluminium sliding doors are perfect for saving space and minimising the amount of swinging action required to connect two spaces.
  • If you enjoy rich natural light in a space, a sliding door is perfect as when they are closed or opened they offer maximum light throughout.
  • Sliding doors are easy to maintain and are silent to operate.
  • They provide generous ventilation and maximum security for you and your family.
  • These doors go well with fly screens.

Disadvantages of Sliding Doors

Since these doors are well suited to letting in light and maximising ventilation, they provide less energy insulating than solid hardwood doors. If you enjoy dark spaces, these likely aren’t suited for your needs as sliding doors are popular where maximum light is desired.

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