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When it comes to Aluminium Windows, how long do they last?

Windows are made from a variety of materials today. Lately, aluminium windows and doors have become increasingly popular thanks to the incredible properties of the metal. Are you wondering, how long do aluminium windows last? Aluminium is incredibly lightweight and has enhanced properties as compared to other similar materials for doors and windows. You can find the best aluminium windows in Sydney at major outlets in the city. 

In this article, we’ve outlined the major characteristics and properties of aluminium, which will help you to determine the best type of aluminium windows in Sydney. Before going ahead and buying them, let’s take a look at the incredible properties of aluminium and why it has become the choice of material for windows and doors in Australia. 


What are Aluminium Windows?

Earlier, aluminium windows and doors were found in high-end offices and work-spaces. However, today aluminium windows are widely being used in homes. Aluminium can be adapted to fit any architectural style, making them suitable with almost any interior design. It is also possible to accentuate the clean lines effortlessly with aluminium. Despite aluminium windows being more expensive than conventional uPVC windows, the former are considered a better option of the two. The reason is that aluminium windows are still cheaper than steel or timber windows. 

Premium-grade aluminium windows and doors can also ensure that you meet the energy-efficiency code. You can choose windows that will suit the accordion doors, garage doors and sliding doors of your house. We recommend choosing a windows package so your needs are fulfilled more efficiently. 

You can also reduce your carbon footprint by choosing aluminium windows, instead of steel, timber or uPVC. Choosing aluminium windows also contributes towards conserving the environment as the metal is easy to recycle. 


What are the Advantages and Benefits of Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows offer clear, distinct advantages and benefits, including:

  • Durable – As compared to other metals, aluminium does not swell or warp with constant exposure to the sun’s heat. Aluminium windows do not develop cracks, splits or warp over a period of time. There are less chances of creep with aluminium windows too. Apart from this, aluminium windows are incredibly strong and can withstand various environmental conditions. It does not rust and has a higher weight-to-strength ratio than most metals. 
  • Easy to maintain – Aluminium is smooth and repels most dust and dirt, hence it is incredibly easier to clean and maintain as compared to other materials used for window frames. 
  • Better looking – The latest technique and technology is used to manufacture high-quality aluminium windows. Aluminium is also considered to be a significantly better option than plastic and uPVC, in terms of appearance. Most modern buildings today are using aluminium doors, windows and frames as they are far better than other materials in terms of aesthetics. 
  • Flexible – Aluminium, as a material, offers an incredible range of designs, styles and forms. This flexibility helps to make different sizes, types and kinds of windows. 
  • Affordable – Last, but not the least, aluminium is comparatively cheaper than most materials and is thus more affordable to buy, install and maintain. 


How durable are Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows are incredibly durable, thanks to the almost magical properties of the metal. Here are some points to prove just how long  aluminium windows last? 

  • Aluminium windows can endure denting very efficiently. They are also incredibly easy to maintain. The structural integrity of aluminium can be maintained without any problems. Hence, aluminium is considered to be one of the most durable materials for windows and doors of different kinds. You can even maintain the architectural influence with aluminium windows easily. 
  • You can buy aluminium windows in almost every colour. These windows can be used for light and heavy applications. Many government buildings, hospitals, schools, etc. choose aluminium windows for its incredible flexibility. 
  • Highly skilled professional fitters can ensure that your windows are made, and installed, as per the latest quality standards. When you choose aluminium windows made using the latest technology, you can also ensure enhances strength and durability of the windows. 
  • Leading manufacturers use advanced technology, quality tools and improved equipment to make aluminium windows. You can easily choose a window which suits your home design without compromising on strength and durability. 
  • High-quality aluminium windows are made to withstand the harsh environment conditions outside your home, hence you do not have to worry about damage or decay with aluminium window frames. 
  • You can expect a consistent and stable performance with aluminium windows all year round. Other materials tend to swell or warp from being constantly exposed to the sun and rain. However, aluminium as a metal is more stable and is incredibly durable as compared to other materials used for making windows and frames. 



Aluminium windows are incredibly easy to install, use and maintain for long periods of time. You can choose from an incredibly large variety of styles, designs and colours, when buying aluminium windows. Always make sure to buy aluminium windows from renowned manufacturers and distributors in Australia. There are several leading sellers of aluminium windows in Sydney. Contant us to get a quote.