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What Can Go Wrong with Aluminium Doors and Windows?

Aluminium windows and doors are notorious for being virtually maintenance free. Unlike timber that warps and rots or iron that rusts, aluminium is highly durable and a long-lasting option. However, some things can go wrong. Fortunately, they tend to be minor problems with some of the smaller components in your windows or doors and are relatively easy to resolve. 

Frame Joint Seals 

Deteriorating frame joint seals tend to be the cause of more problems with aluminium doors and windows than anything else. These seals expand and contract as the weather changes, making them prone to damage, especially if you live in a humid or moist environment.  

Inspecting your frame joints for damage every few months is a good idea. If they are damaged, replace them to prevent heat entering or escaping and avoiding a spike in your energy bills. Sealant around the frame joints can also become damaged. If you are unsure, ask a professional to inspect them. 

Latches and Locks 

The latches and locks are some of the hardest working components on your aluminium windows and doors. Over time with regular use, they are prone to wear and tear no matter how well made they are. Security is important for every home, so when these components don’t function properly, it can be a serious problem. Replace any latches and locks that are damaged. Sometimes they may not be working properly due to dirt or grime build-up. 


While aluminium does not rust, neglecting to clean your aluminium windows and doors every three to four months can lead to corrosion of the frames over time. This shortens the life of your aluminium windows and doors and should be avoided at all costs. You can repair pitting by cleaning, sanding and repainting your aluminium frames. 

Faults with the Window Sash 

If your window sash isn’t opening properly, it may be because the sash is twisted, the friction is too tight or the building has moved, causing the aluminium frame to swell. If the friction stays are too tight, this can be fixed by loosening or replacing them. If the sash has twisted, you will likely need a professional to repair it. You will also need a professional repair if the issue is due to the building moving or settling. 

Cracked Glass 

If the glass of your aluminium windows and doors cracks, especially near or inside the frame, it should be replaced quickly as even a small crack can break the whole piece of glass, especially if it is near the frame joints. Hire a local, professional aluminium fabricator to install a replacement for you. They have the experience to remove and replace glass and can provide the exact size needed. 

Replace Your Aluminium Windows and Doors 

At B&W Windows, we’re the experts when it comes to aluminium windows and doors. If you need to repair any of the above issues or require a full replacement, our experienced team can help. Call us today for a quote on (02) 9540 2500 or contact us online.