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Woman is opening window to let air inside.

Matching Your Windows to Your Home

Your windows are a prominent feature of your home’s exterior, which is why it’s important to match the style of them with the architectural design of your property. Below, we look at different styles of windows and what kind of homes they match. 

Casement Windows 

The hinged sash on casement windows swing out to allow air to flow freely through the entire opening. They can open like a door with the hinge on the left side of the window or it can be hinged at the top and swing out. The latter is excellent for keeping rain out. These windows are usually operated by turning a crank. Casement windows can suit both traditional and modern styles of homes. 

Double Hung Windows 

These windows typically have two sashes that slide up and down with the screen mounted on the outside. On single-hung varieties, only the lower sash moves. When open, the sashes cover at least half the window opening. Double hung windows are a good match for traditional house styles with simple lines and clean architectural elements, constructed from brick or stone. Examples include Colonial, Cape Cod or Georgian-style homes.  

Sliding Windows 

Like a double-hung window on its side, the sashes on a sliding window move across horizontal tracks. The sashes cover at least half the window opening with a screen mounted to the outside. These are widely popular because they don’t require any lifting. Sliding windows are best suited to contemporary house designs. Keep in mind the lower tracks require regular cleaning. 

Tilt-Turn Windows 

Popular in Europe, tilt-turn windows feature special hardware that allows the window to tilt in from the bottom or pivot in like a door, depending on which way you turn the handle. These windows do an excellent job of sealing out the weather and can be used for both traditional and contemporary home designs.  

Choosing the Right Window Frame 

Your window frame plays a crucial role in how well your windows suit the style of your home. This includes the colour of them as well as the material. Different options include timber, which is a good option for traditional style homes as well as PVC and aluminium, both of which are more often used on contemporary home designs.  

Remember to balance style with functionality. Aluminium is the most versatile option for window frames and can be finished to suit almost any architectural style. Traditional options like timber are more prone to warping and water damage over time while PVC can look cheap and awkward.  

New Aluminium Window Installations in Sydney 

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