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Aluminium doors have become a significant part of most homes and commercial properties and are a popular choice among homeowners, builders and contractors. Due to its inherent strength along with the sleek, stylish and modern look, aluminium makes for a perfect and better choice than other materials.

Since everyone needs proof before accepting a fact and requires evidence to accept the benefits of a new object, B&W Windows and Doors is taking the responsibility to let you understand how aluminium doors are a safe choice as aluminium entrance doors and aluminium security doors. 

Why should aluminium doors be your ultimate choice?


  • Aluminium doors are strong and secure. 

Aluminium is one of the stronger and more robust metals than most materials that are available today in the manufacturing and installing market, which is why aluminium doors or frames can withstand most of wear and tear. The strength of aluminium also renders durability and quality with the added performance, which makes it ideal for a security door that is lightweight as well.

  • Aluminium doors can be customised.

With strength and durability, aluminium doors also come in diverse colours and finishes. While you can customise your aluminium door with numerous elements, you may as well choose to fit an additional locking mechanism to your door for security.

  • Aluminium does not corrode.

Today the most significant issue with doors in homes or any commercial property is that they get damaged in a few years. If not fully damaged, they surely start to corrode and deteriorate slowly. With aluminium doors, you don’t have to face such fuss. Aluminium doors are one of the most durable and resistant materials which can withstand the sun and moisture. This way, your aluminium doors resist rusting, chipping, fading, swelling or cracking, more than other materials and stay new for a long period of time.

  • Aluminium doors are synonymous with durability.

Given the attributes, aluminium is surely a material that is durable, which is why it is majorly used in the building and construction industry. The durability of this material can be understood by its capacity to withstand rust, retain strength in extreme temperatures, and combat harsh weather conditions. No wonder aluminium has excellent durability. It is worth noting that this is also the reason why aluminium doors are able to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

  • Aluminium doors are fire-resistant.

Not everyone is aware that aluminium also provides protection against fire hazards. Since several regions of Australia are somewhat prone to bushfires, aluminium doors can be a great choice to safeguard homes against domestic fires. Aluminium does not combust and can withstand flames, unlike some materials that are either flammable or heat-conductive.

  • Aluminium doors render burglar resistance.

It’s already been discussed that aluminium adds to your security due to its strength but does it match the security you wish to have for your property or home? It is vital to know that aluminium doors provide extreme stability and resistance to damage from sun and moisture. It is clear that aluminium can withstand force and not just natural but physical strength as well while being available in many design choices – sliding doors, stacking doors, hinged doors and bi-fold doors. 

B&W Aluminium Windows and Doors works with quality materials and provides custom-designed aluminium doors for homes and commercial premises. Our experts state that aluminium doors are a versatile choice available in varied styles, making them a wide choice among homeowners and property owners. If you wish to get an aluminium door that exceeds your efficient standards with the ability to resist harsh weather conditions, then contact us today for more information and get your quality aluminium doors installed.