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If you plan to install new doors in your home, you will find numerous choices in the market. There are almost limitless choices of colours, styles, finishes and materials to choose from. According to the interior theme selected and style, this works excellently to help you find the best types of doors for your home.

Installing doors and windows can be pretty expensive. The specific cost will depend on various factors, including the door or window frame. New technology has improved the durability and efficiency of other materials, hence, timber is slowly going out of fashion as the leading choice of material for doors and windows.

There are numerous advantages of using aluminium doors and windows in your home or office. To help you make the best decision, we’ve listed the advantages and benefits of aluminium doors and windows.


Are Aluminium Doors Long-Lasting?


What are the Advantages of Aluminium Doors?

When you think of aluminium doors and windows, you might picture them in a store or commercial building. Plus, aluminium frames have been traditionally connected with industries. Still, the material can add significant style and character even at home.

Let’s take a look at the specific benefits and advantages of using aluminium doors and windows at home:


Aluminium windows and doors are long-lasting because they are built to be durable. They have a significantly longer lifespan when compared to other materials, such as UPVC and timber doors and windows. Aluminium windows doors frames can last anywhere between 20 to 25 years when you take care of them. They are built to be strong and are thus incredibly durable.

If maintained well, conventional timber doors and windows frames usually last for 15 to 20 years. Plus,timber frames require higher and more regular maintenance and repairs. Besides this, aluminium is a material that doesn’t degrade, as UPVC frames do.


Besides letting in natural light and keeping the interior temperature in check, doors and windows are there for security. The aluminium door is remarkably more robust and durable compared to the UPVC door. It also provides several significant structural advantages thanks to its strong build.

Apart from this, you can install locks of various types and designs to enhance the security level of your home using aluminium doors and windows.


In the recent past, UPVC has become the modern choice of material for door and window frames. However, when compared to it, aluminium is found to be incredibly stronger.

Modern styles

Aluminium looks incredibly sleek and streamlined. Today, you can buy aluminium door and window frames in different colours and finishes. This is an excellent way to buy something unique and make a statement with your house. Aluminium doors and windows have significantly less framework, depending on the system. They also have slimmer profiles that give a more streamlined aesthetic than UPVC or timber door and window frames.

Aluminium also supports large glass panes easily. This allows you to have an unrestricted view of the outside and lets in more natural light into your home.


Are there any Disadvantages of Aluminium Doors?

Like any other material, there are certain disadvantages of aluminium too. However, these can be easily resolved with additional options.

Here are some potential disadvantages you may find in aluminium doors and windows:

Non-conventional styles

If you are searching for a window that looks like a typical window, then aluminium may seem somewhat misplaced. However, technology allows us to get aluminium door and window frames in various colours, styles, finishes, etc.

The stronger construction of aluminium doors and windows lets it hold larger-sized glass panes. It can easily fit distinctly-cut window panes too. Aluminium is considered an amazing choice for a new window and door frame. You can choose various designs and styles of window frames in aluminium, such as the popular ‘aluminium sliding door” design.

Are Aluminium doors and windows a good choice for my home?

Once you’ve considered the various advantages and disadvantages of aluminium doors and windows, then the final choice will ultimately depend on which type of system suits you.
If you want a simple window and don’t require a higher level of security, various styles, and enhanced strength, you can choose any other material besides aluminium.

However, if you expect additional advantages from the doors and windows, then it is highly recommended to choose aluminium as the material.



B&W Aluminium windows and doors are stronger, come with varied options and are incredibly long-lasting. They offer higher levels of security to your home and come in an incredibly vast range of styles to enhance the overall appearance of your home. As aluminium doors and windows grow in popularity, they become more affordable and inexpensive.