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Aluminium Sound Barrier Windows will Improve Your Quality of Life 

Sound pollution is up there with light pollution as a common irritant in our homes. Our cities are getting busier and louder and people are becoming more sensitive to it. From idling buses and highway traffic to distant sirens and noisy neighbours, there are a variety of sounds that can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this noise and improve your quality of life.

How Sound Barrier Windows Work 

Sound barrier windows can block up to ninety to ninety-five per cent of noise coming through windows. Sounds with low frequencies, like idling trucks, are harder to block than sounds with higher frequencies, like birds chirping. When looking for sound barrier windows, you can find out its sound transmission class (STC) scale, which rates how effective it is a blocking noise 

Your basic, single-pane window has a STC rating of around 27 while quality sound barrier windows have STC ratings of at least 45, and some in the mid-50s, which block up to ninety-five per cent of noise. To increase a window’s ability to block sound and increase its STC rating, you can add mass (make the glass thicker), add air space with a certain distance between window panes or use laminated glass (a glass-plastic-glass sandwich that further reduces noise transmission). 

Double Glazing 

The most effective sound barrier windows are ones that are double glazed. These consist of two panes of glass with a 20mm void in between them. The thickness of the glass and the gap in between the panes can be adjusted depending on your exact needs. Double glazing can also be combined with laminating to further reduce noise. 

Sound Insulating Capabilities of Aluminium 

Aluminium windows and doors offer excellent sound insulation compared to PVC and timber, especially when combined with double glazed windows. An aluminium frame which is custom fabricated using high-performance aluminium drastically reduces noise as well as offering improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows by sixty per cent.  

Sources of Noise  

It’s important to ensure you properly identify the source of noise entering your home as it isn’t always through your windows and doors. Other ways sound can travel into your home include: 

  • Gaps in window frames 
  • Leaks in window seals 
  • Chimneys, vents and attics 
  • Lack of insulation 
  • Cladding material (stone and brick block more sound than vinyl and wood) 

You may also need to address one or several of these issues to truly achieve a quieter home and enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Sound Blocking Aluminium Windows and Doors in Sydney 

At B&W Windows, we manufacture, supply and install quality aluminium windows and doors that effectively reduce sound. You can count on our experienced team to help improve your quality of life as we have over thirty years of experience and specialise in manufacturing and installing quality, made-to-measure aluminium windows and doors in homes and businesses across Sydney. 

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