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Sliding Windows

Like aluminium sliding doors, which have long been Australia’s preferred door for areas leading onto patios and alfresco spaces, aluminium sliding windows open horizontally by sliding effortlessly along tracks and are easy to use, low maintenance and economical. Suitable for large windows which can be easily opened, aluminium sliding windows by B&W Windows and Doors are a great choice for all homes and commercial settings, whether modern or traditional in style. 

Advantages of Aluminium Sliding Windows 

  • Aluminium sliding windows are simple to use. With quality rollers, these windows are easy to open and close.  
  • They save space. Opening sideways, these windows maximise space in all rooms. 
  • They’re flyscreen-friendly. This helps you secure your home and keep insects out.  

Disadvantages of Aluminium Sliding Windows 

  • Limited opening area. Sliding windows don’t deliver as much airflow or ventilation as bi-fold windows or louvre windows. 
  • Cleaning can be tricky. The exterior of large sliding windows on upper floors may be difficult to clean.  

Explore our range of Sliding windows and choose the one that will best suit your spaces. 

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