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Double Hung Windows

What’s a double-hung window? Great for older and traditional-style properties, these windows can feature two sashes which move up and down or one fixed sash and one moving sash (single hung window). When both sashes are closed, they are positioned one above the other, and when the window is opened the sashes overlap, creating openings at the top and bottom. This allows hot air to escape through the top gap while cold air enters through the bottom. 

 Aluminium double-hung windows use cords/counterweights to hold the sashes in place (preventing the windows from opening/closing on their own) and can open up to 50% of total window size. B&W Windows and doors offers three styles — 500 Series, 1000 Series and Sashless double-hung windows.  

Advantages of Aluminium Double Hung Windows: 


  • They promote airflow. Opening up to 50% of the total window size at the top and bottom, double-hung windows provide outstanding airflow and ventilation.  
  • Double-hung windows are flyscreen friendly. These windows are compatible with all fly and security screens.  
  • They provide great aesthetics. With their classic looks, double-hung windows are popular in older-style homes and buildings with tall ceilings. 
  • They’re easy to clean. Unlike similar window styles, cleaning the exterior of double-hung windows is simple.  


Disadvantages of Aluminium Double Hung Windows: 


  • Less opening space than in other windows. Unlike folding and servery windows, double-hung windows open to only 50% of the window size.  
  • They’re not as easy to open. Double-hung windows require 2 hands to open/close.  

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