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Top 10 Advantages of Having Louvre Windows


Over the years, louvre windows have evolved a lot in designs, functions and strength. Modern louvre windows have become easier to operate, more weatherproof and stronger. Being manufactured from better materials, they have just got better with time adding to the look and feel of your house without compromising the strength.

This impressive list of features makes them an ideal choice for both classic and contemporary homes. Louvre windows have so much to offer, ranging from aesthetic looks, durability, improved airflow and easy operation. In addition to the unique features, louvre windows have a lot of advantages that make them a must-have for your house!

1. Energy Savings

Louvre windows are not just an attractive addition to your house, but they also contribute to the overall energy savings. Acting as a great alternative for exhaust fans, louvre windows allow steamy air to escape in bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms. With the reduction in moisture build-up, they could also help save energy consumed by the exhaust fans.

Louvre windows have horizontal blades  allowing the light and air to pass. The horizontal blades  are adjustable and can be angled in any direction to allow less or more breeze to pass through, based on your requirement. Thus, louvre windows give you a choice to allow maximum air to pass in case you need to allow the steam to escape without needing an exhaust fan at all!  

2. Efficient Air Flow

As mentioned, the horizontal blades  are the main reason why louvre windows are able to allow efficient airflow. Ventilation is one of the most important factors for a healthy in-house environment. Consistent airflow allowance in the house can change the whole mood of the house, making it cooler, peaceful and comfortable to live in.

Other styles of windows can get affected depending upon the direction of the wind, but louvre windows don’t face any such issues. In addition, louvre windows can adapt anywhere, at any height. This allows their installation even for ventilation in rooms that have taller ceilings. As easy as it gets, even when installed higher, they can be operated just by using a mop-rod or stick! 

3. Enhanced Privacy

Though louvre windows allow efficient ventilation, they do not let your privacy get compromised at all. Extending the wide range of options, louvre windows come with a variety of coloured or frosted glass options for improved privacy.

Louvre windows can also be tilted when required to maintain privacy without interrupting the fresh air flow into your home. Hence, they’re the best choice for the private spaces in your home like bathrooms and bedrooms. 

4. Lighting your home

Just as you can control the airflow, Louvre windows also allow ideal control for the light to enter your rooms. Clear glass louvre windows can allow ample sunlight to enter your home and fill it with natural light, saving electricity.

Alternatively, frosted or coloured glass windows can be installed to minimise or control the light entering your home. Excess heat can also be controlled during summers minimising heat entry and keeping the rooms cooler. 

5. Wider Opening Capacity

Louvre windows are capable of opening twice as wide as regular windows. This feature adds to the extended exposure to the outside view and allows even extra airflow inside the home.

A wider opening can allow excessive light to enter the rooms that are comparatively in darker areas with less sunlight exposure. This adds to the power savings as well.

6. Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning windows can prove to be one of the most tedious tasks as they’re highly exposed to the outside environment allowing dust to settle in the corners and on the glass as well. Louvre windows will help you solve these issues as well. When compared to other window types, they’re easier to clean.

Louvre windows can be cleaned on both sides, from inside the home! Hence, making them a perfect choice for installation on higher floors. This easy access to both sides of the window makes them very easy and time-efficient when it comes to cleaning. 

7. Keeping Rainwater Outside

The most common issue with windows is when it rains, you need to close them otherwise rainwater enters your home.

Other windows can let rainwater inside if there’s no covering support in the outside area. But, in the case of louvre windows, with light rain, once you tilt the blades at the right angle, it doesn’t let a single drop enter inside. 

8. Extended Security

Louvre windows were traditionally considered to be less secure, compared to other types of windows. But, that’s all in the past, as modern louvre windows come with new security features too. You can opt for keyed levers in case you want to lock them completely.

For extra security, you can also install insect screens with louvre windows. Security screens are best in the case of lower-level louvre windows as they can provide excellent protection without letting you lose out on the outside view. 

9. Blade Material Options

Louvre blades are built with different materials such as timber, glass, and aluminium offering more style and flexibility.

Glass blades are suitable for allowing more natural light to enter, while timber blades offer a more aesthetic effect through colours limiting light when closed. Aluminium blades are more suitable for an industry-styled architecture.

10. Aesthetic Effects

Modern louvre windows have unique designs and styles making them highly attractive in appearance. The blade and glass options add to their looks and help you choose what goes well with your house.

Louvre windows come with a variety of frame colours that can go well with your home decor, giving a more personalised feel after installation. This makes them adaptable to fit into any ambience they’re installed in.

Louvre windows offer a wide range of benefits that other windows might lack. Additionally, the glass and blade options offer more design and durability range. Louvre windows can even sync with your home decor and ambience, giving an aesthetic feel to your home.

Wondering what type of louvre windows would be the best choice for your new house? B&W provides a high-quality and stylish range of aluminium louvre windows perfectly matching your preferences! 

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