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Strata Buildings – Large Scale Window & Door Replacement

Upgrading the windows or doors at your strata building? As one of Sydney’s leading aluminium window and door specialists, B&W Windows and Doors provides aluminium window and door upgrade and replacement services that body corporates and strata building clients across the city rely on. When it comes time to upgrade the windows and doors on your strata building or replace broken or damaged windows and doors, our experienced team members can help with all your needs and provide advice on a wide range of aluminium windows and doors

Why Upgrade?

There are many reasons why you may need to upgrade the aluminium windows and doors at your strata building or apartment complex: 

  • Upgrading the windows and doors as part of an overall building facelift to enhance and update the look of the building and provide better functionality for residents and more appeal to prospective tenants. 
  • The existing windows and doors weren’t installed to today’s professional standards or aren’t high-quality and allow drafts around the frame (letting hot air in and cool air out), they don’t provide adequate noise reduction, or have been identified as a safety issue. 
  • The existing windows and doors have reached the end of their practical life and need to be replaced. The difference in quality between the aluminium windows manufactured 20 to 30 years ago and those manufactured now is significant, with high-quality aluminium windows and doors delivering many benefits, including noise reduction, enhanced heat and light control, greater energy efficiency, safety and many more.

Our Sydney-based aluminium window and door specialists provide expert advice on all these matters and more, ensuring you get the right products for your building and maximise the overall value of your investment.  

Our Strata Services:

We provide strata building window and door services to clients across Sydney, and for your peace of mind, B&W Windows and Doors have been in business for over 35 years and have a reputation for quality that’s second to none. When you choose our services, you can expect:  

  • B&W Windows and Doors to comply with all statutory and local government standards for every project we undertake.  
  • The professional removal and replacement of existing aluminium window and doors.  
  • Viable solutions for all high-rise buildings, unit and apartment blocks, strata and body corporate complexes.  
  • In-house designed and manufactured aluminium windows and doors to agreed specifications, ensuring a perfect outcome for your project.  
  • The highest levels of quality control on every project. Our supervisors make sure each job is carried out to the exacting standards we expect from all our installers.  
  • Insurance and public liability policies in place for your protection and peace of mind.  
  • A fully documented safe work system that complies with current WHS requirements. An amazing range of aluminium windows and doors to suit all buildings, including sound barrier aluminium sliding windows and doors for high traffic areas.  

      Would you like to learn more about the aluminium windows and door solutions we offer for strata and body corporate clients across Sydney? For further information or assistance, please call B&W Windows and Doors on (02) 9540 2500 or contact us online.

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