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Which Style of Window is Best for Security? 

Maintaining a secure and safe home is essential for all homeowners. While best security practices encompass an entire home, your windows are an area you must pay particular attention to as they are one of the easiest routes into your home. Window security begins with selecting the right window style along with advanced security features. If you’re replacing, upgrading, or installing new windows in your home, consider options with built-in security features.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows feature a single pane that swings outward vertically via an internal gear mechanism. This allows you to control exactly how far you want the window to open with a crank mounted to the interior window frame. The crank-action movement makes this style of window ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as behind the kitchen sink. 

The casement window is one of the most secure types of window because there is no way to turn the crank from the outside, meaning no one can open it from the outside if you make sure to close and lock it. 

Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are a classic style that involves one operable sash that slides horizontally. It’s often used for large panes of glass, allowing homeowners to take advantage of expansive outdoor views and enjoy a nice breeze when you open the window all the way. The sliding action makes it a good alternative to the casement window when there’s not enough outdoor clearance. 

Sliding windows come with a cam action lock designed to stop the operable pane from sliding back and forth. You can also install a burglar bar between the window frame and sliding sash for added security. With the tension set properly, there’s no way anyone can operate the window from the outside. 

Double Hung Windows 

This traditional and timeless style of window glides vertically up and down. As opposed to single-hung windows, the double-hung variety has two operable sashes, offering you the safety and convenience of opening the upper sash for ventilation while keeping the lower one closed. These windows have the same cam action lock as a sliding window. This lock holds both sashes in place so they can’t move.  

To increase security further, new double-hung windows often come with an additional piece of hardware installed on the top sash’s frame. When the tab is pushed in, the bottom sash can move but when extended, the window is locked securely in place. You can purchase this hardware separately and install it on older double-hung windows for added security. 

Aluminium Window Frames 

The type of material used for your window frame is another important consideration when it comes to security. Aluminium is an ideal option as it has a notoriously excellent strength to weight ratio, meaning it’s extremely durable while being lightweight. Aluminium is also stylish, easy to maintain and inexpensive. 

Secure Your Home with Aluminium Windows in Sydney 

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