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Aluminium double hung windows

Aluminium double hung windows are designed ideally to achieve a look that amplifies not only a traditional backdrop but also a room adoring contemporary style.

One can benefit from natural light and breeze even in places with few openings by using the double-hung style. The double-hung window’s upward and downward sliding motion additionally enables you to select where the airflow into the house will be directed (either through the top, bottom or both sashes).

However, along with a range of features, such as being compatible with several building types, compliance with Australian standards and being available in varied flyscreen, security screen and glass options, double-hung windows come with their fair share of disadvantages.

Our team of experts, therefore, has curated a list of the benefits and shortcomings of double-hung windows to help you make an informed decision when remodelling the windows of your home or commercial property.

Benefits of Aluminium double hung windows

1. Flyscreen friendly

The main purpose of a fly screen is to keep dirt, insects, pests, debris, leaves, and small birds from entering your property when a door or window is open. Double-hung windows are compatible with all fly and security screens, allowing you to enjoy the breeze of fresh air without having to worry about letting in unwanted insects and dust.

2. Plethora of options

One reason why double-hung windows are getting popular is the wide range of options available today. If there are more choices available, you’ll more likely find a design and finish that best suits your style.

No matter what element you’re looking for to enhance the exterior of your home, there’s always a possibility to do it with a double-hung window.

3. Easy to clean

The versatility of double-hung aluminium windows makes cleaning them easier. You can just wipe each sash by tilting it on both sides. This makes cleaning the exterior of your double-hung windows safe and easy.

4. They promote airflow

This is among the best benefits that double-hung windows provide. Opening up to 50% of the total window size at the top and the bottom, double-hung windows provide outstanding airflow and ventilation. To get maximum ventilation, you can open both the bottom and the top sash – the bottom one will allow cool, fresh air to be let in, while the top sash will throw out warm indoor air through it. This can help boost the quality of indoor air and make your home’s temperature down naturally. If you require less ventilation, you can only open one of the sashes.

Drawbacks of Aluminium double hung windows

1. Proper maintenance required

Even though aluminium windows require less maintenance than other windows, to keep these windows in their best shape, regular cleaning and dusting are required. Also, the locks and pulley mechanism need regular lubrication to prevent them from stiffening.

2. Limited opening compared to other windows

A double-hung window offers limited opening as the space between the sashes becomes less when both are opened. Unlike other styles of windows, double-hung windows can only open up to 50% of the window size.

3. Require 2 hands to open/close

To open and close a double-hung window, you need both hands as there are two sashes to operate.

Double hung windows can be made in any shape and size, they are not necessarily big windows.

While double-hung windows may have their benefits, make sure you weigh those against the drawbacks before making a final decision.

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