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Man installing bay window in a new house construction site.

Finding a Durable and Affordable Material for Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can be constructed using a wide variety of materials, from traditional options like timber to newer options like uPVC and fibreglass. Getting the right choice is important as these features of a home are often exposed to sun, rain, wind and variations in temperature. This is especially true for exterior facing doors such as in your front entryway. 

What are the Different Options? 

While most homeowners are interested in getting stylish and attractive windows and doors that suit their home, the two most important considerations are to find windows and doors that are affordable and durable.  

  • Wood – An aesthetically pleasing material but unfortunately wood is costly and prone to damage. It expands and contracts in response to the weather, so sanding, painting and sealing is also necessary. Depending on the climate, wooden windows and doors can last around five to fifteen years.  
  • Vinyl – Often used as an alternative to wood as its more affordable, offers improved insulation and requires less maintenance. However, vinyl windows and doors are prone to warping in hot weather and are not the most attractive option. 
  • Fibreglass – Fiberglass frames and doors are durable and offer excellent thermal resistance. They are not prone to corrosion or warping; however, they are one of the most expensive options.  
  • Aluminium – The best option in terms of having a perfect balance between durability and affordability. Strong, lightweight aluminium windows and doors are perfect for the Australian climate.  

Where you live and the weather in that area will have a huge impact on what material is best suited to your needs. Australia is prone to harsh weather conditions, from damaging sunlight and humid subtropical climates to heavy rain and strong winds. This makes durability especially important.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors  

Inexpensive, strong, long lasting, low maintenance and endlessly recycled, aluminium is an ideal building material. The only downside is that metal is naturally not as thermally efficient as other materials. However, most high-quality aluminium window frames and doors have a thermal barrier within to help limit heat conduction and condensation.  

Aluminium has a notably high strength to weight ratio, meaning it is lightweight but strong. This makes it ideal for aluminium windows and doors because it means they are light enough to be opened and closed with ease while maintaining durability. It’s also extremely versatile, capable of being matched to nearly every architectural style by painting or shaping it.  

Visit Us for Quality Aluminium Windows and Doors in Sydney 

If you’re looking to reduce costs while still benefiting from durable, high quality windows and doors, discuss the benefits of aluminium with the team at B&W Windows. You can count on our team for quality solutions that suit your needs every time. We have over thirty years of experience and specialise in fabricating and installing made-to-measure aluminium windows and doors in homes and businesses across Sydney.