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As a leading aluminium windows manufacturer in Sydney, we produce high-quality, commercial grade windows made to stand the test of time. Our aluminium windows come in a variety of styles and are custom designed to suit your specific needs. With close to 30 years experience supplying high quality aluminium windows across Sydney, you’d be hard pressed to find a more qualified manufacturer and installer than B&W Aluminium Windows & Doors. Unlike many others out there, we are an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier, with all of our aluminium windows made to the highest standards right here in our factory. Whether you are building a new home, planning to replace the windows as part of your renovations, or seeking a quote for strata windows, we are here to help

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In Australia the vast majority of window frames are still made from aluminium, and there are very good reasons for that. 

Aluminium is extremely versatile, it is strong, durable and environmentally friendly because it can be readily recycled. It’s also a great designer product, and Aluminium windows can be custom built to suit just about any situation and any design.

If you’re building or renovating, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to windows. Regardless of whether it’s a single home or a whole block of apartments there are many things to consider – and lots of choices available.

Energy efficiency and acoustic control are just two of them. For example, there is a general misconception that double glazing the best way to achieve noise retardation. That is actually not the case. What about thermal control? Are you better off using thicker glass or laminated glass? And what about UV penetration that can fade furniture, fittings and flooring?

No doubt you’ll get a good deal of advice from you builder or architect but you should also speak to the experts at BW Windows. We’ve been manufacturing premium quality aluminium windows and aluminium doors since 1988 so we can advise you on for your building or renovation project to help you make the right decisions.

For expert advice and assistance talk to us before you make any final decisions. We’ll be happy to talk to your builder or architect as well. Because our aluminium windows are manufactured locally you’ll know where they came from and who built them, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing that quality aluminium windows are being installed. 


Apron - the decorative moulding often used below aluminium window sills
Awning Window - a type of aluminium window where the frame is hinged along the top, providing for easy opening at the bottom as the window swings open.
Balance - this is part of a double-hung aluminium window, and the mechanism for counterbalancing the weight of the movable sash when the window is opened/closed.
Bay Window - a style of aluminium window or series of windows which project from the exterior wall
Bi-fold Windows - windows (or a series of windows) made up of several sections which fold in pairs when the window is opened. 
Commercial Casement Windows - these are the more traditional style of aluminium windows which open from the side
Double Glazing - this involves two panels of glass with air (or gas) in between for sound and heat insulation
Double Hung Windows - windows featuring two sashes, which slide up and down and can overlap each other when opened
Fixed Windows - aluminium windows which are fixed into place and cannot be opened
Frame - the framework which surrounds the aluminium window, made up of the head, sill, and jamb.
Gasket - the rubber or plastic material between the glass and aluminium window frame
Glass - the sheet of glass held in place by the aluminium window frame
Head - this is the horizontal section of the frame at the top of the aluminium window
Jamb/s - these are the vertical sections of the frame
Louvre Windows - windows type featuring horizontal slats that can be rotated to allow air to pass through but still protect from rain
Operator - a crank-like device used to open and close aluminium casement windows
Sash - the movable part of a window, made up of the inside frame and the glass it holds
Servery Windows - these aluminium windows include a flat surface or shelf along the bottom when opened. 
Skylight - a ceiling mountains window with the purpose of allowing light to an area, often where normal windows may not reach.
Sill - this is the horizontal section of the frame at the bottom of the window
Sliding Windows - aluminium windows which operate by sliding along a rail